Expansion Principle Level 1 Training

The Level 1 Training is a 5 month program designed to prepare you to be a Certified Expansion Principle™ Practitioner, meaning you utilize all the skills and knowledge with clients.

The Expansion Principle™ can easily be integrated into a variety of service and/or product based business.  This modality can be used for 1:1 healings, in group settings, channeled into art or jewelry, and during speaking engagements.


Learning and becoming attuned to this modality is a healing process for you as a human being. It allows you to hold and maintain a resonance within your body the promotes health, growth and peace on all levels.

There is no prior healing experience or training required.

Interested in learning more about becoming Attuned to the Expansion Principle for personal growth?

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The Training coursework includes:

Module 1 

Introduction to the Expansion Principle™

Learn the history of the modality and receive an initial attunement to the frequencies of the Expansion Principle™. We will cover the mechanics of how it works in spiritual terms as well as within quantum physics and within the human system. We will also explore non-linear time and dimensions.

Module 2
Intuitive Development

Becoming a competent practitioner of the Expansion Principle™ requires you to have a strong connection with your intuition. We will learn the ways in which you perceive psychic/ extrasensory information and develop the skills to deepen these abilities.

Module 3
The Five Elements

Gain in-depth knowledge of the five elements and 12 meridians of the Chinese medicine system. Gaining this understanding will allow you to view the human body in an integrated way.

Module 4
The Akashic Records
In this module, you will learn how to access and work with the Akashic Records.

Module 5
Muscle Testing and Body Scans

Having tools to assess your client's health and wellness allows for more accuracy with the modality. This week you will learn how to muscle test.  This allows you to connect to client's energy to ask yes/no questions and to notice energetic imbalances, in order to determine what needs to be addressed in the session and to create a treatment plan.

Module 6
Client Interaction/Clinical skills

Ethics and basic ways to communicate with clients in a professional and compassionate way are of utmost importance for any healer or facilitator. We will learn these skills and have a clear understanding of practitioner ethics.

Module 7
Healing Transmissions

This is the week you’ve been waiting for. This week you will receive the bulk of the attunements to the Expansion Principle™. You will learn how to connect to the energy and how to transmit it in 1:1 and group settings.

Module 8

Expansion Principle for Personal Development 

BONUS 5th Month

We have recently added a 5th month to original framework of the training program. This 5th month will be filled with weekly opportunities to practice your new skills and receive feedback from Student Teachers. During the time you will also be able to begin your case studies for certification.


Upon successful completion of the 5 month course you will be required to submit 4 case studies of using the Expansion Principle™ with clients to become certified. 

Also included in the training program:

▪️ A private Facebook group

▪️ 2 Group Calls per Month with Dr. Alexis (Months 1-4) (1 Attunement call and 1 Practice) Total of 8 Calls

▪️ Weekly Group Practice Opportunities with a Expansion Principle Student Teacher (Month 5).


2/22 Start Date

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5 month payment plan:

5 x $766

12 month payment plan:

12 x $303

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