Expansion Principle Level 2 Training

The Level 2 Training is a 6 month program designed to prepare you to be a Certified Expansion Principle™ Advanced Practitioner, meaning you will be able to use this technology with groups and individual clients.

The Expansion Principle™ Level 2 is for those individuals who have a hunger for even deeper understanding of the capacity of the expansion principle energies. Those of you who have a love of knowledge and continual evolution.

You have experienced the magic, love and support of the expansion principle energies during your first set of Attunements. This next set allows for continued healing, energetic and spiritual support on your path.

Many if not all of you "just knew" the first time around. I believe the same will be true now.

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Ready to deepen your practice and relationship with the Expansion Principle energies?

The Training coursework includes:

Module 1

Quantum Physics

  • How it differs from Newtonian Physics

  • Intersection between the spiritual “unseen” and Quantum Physics


Module 2

Sacred Geometry 

  • Platonic Solids

  • Storing Data



Module 3

Physical and Spiritual DNA

  • Consciousness and DNA

  • Basics of Physical DNA

  • Basics of Spiritual DNA


Module 4 

Intro to Universal Law (Hermetic Law) 

  • The Principle of Mentalism

  • The Principle of Correspondence 

  • The Principle of Vibration

  • The Principle of Polarity

  • The Principle of Rhythm

  • The Principle of Cause and Effect

  • The Principle of Gender

Module 5

Group Dynamics 

  • Basics of Group Interactions 

  • Human Interpersonal Relationships

  • Energetics of Group Balance 

  • Facilitating Groups


Module 6

Advanced Ethics

  • Sovereignty 

  • Permission 

  • Protection 

Module 7

The Illumination Process

  • What is it

  • How to perform one 

  • Individual and Group Sessions

Module 8

Spiritual Evolutionary Process


Module 9


  • putting it all together 

  • Certification 

Also included in the training program:

▪️ A private Facebook group

▪️ 2 Group Calls per Month  (1 Attunement call and 1 Practice) Total of 8 Calls

▪️Internship while training

▪️2 hours per month of practice, “clinic” hours  within the Illuminated warrior program.


LEVEL 2 starts February 5th

enrollment closes on 1/30/20

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Pricing Options:

Pay in Full


6 month payment plan:

6 x $777 

12 month payment plan:

12 x $389

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